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Industrial Lubrication Services, LLC brings a collective experience to partner with you and your team to make sure your systems stay running clean in order to avoid premature wear. Wear particles and other contaminations are one of the leading causes of system failures. ILS strives to eliminate these in advance in order to avoid these failures.

We all know lubrication systems are usually constructed and generally function in dirty environments. This is why equipment manufacturers have specifications and requirements for cleaning their systems prior to start-up. This ensures that built-in contaminants don't lead to premature equipment failure, which in turn reduces the lifespan of the machine. Our services meet or exceed OEM requirements and ensures you get the most out of your equipment life while reducing the circumstance of unplanned downtime due to equipment malfunction.

High velocity flushing

​​chemical cleaning ​

​​Vacuum Dehydration (WATER/GAS REMOVAL)

Oil Analysis services

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In the lubrication community 60% of all mechanical failures are due to inadequate or improper lubrication practices.

- Kenneth Bannister, Lubrication for Industry

Over 50% of all bearings failures are due to inadequate lubrication practices.

- Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

Certified Lubrication Specialists by The Society of Tribiologists and Lubrication Engineers

High Velocity Flushing by Industrial Lubrication Services begins by preparing the system for a high velocity flush. We remove all restrictions to flow (using an external flush pump and filter). The oil is then flushed through the lube oil system at approximately 8 times its normal flow rate. Pushing the oil at this high speed removes scale build up and particulate matter from the piping and flushes it back to the main oil reservoir where we then filter. Thermal shocks to the system will greatly enhance the cleaning process. The high velocity flush is for the purpose of cleaning the system. Clean oil is simply a by-product of that process that eliminates the need to replace the old turbine oil or the disposal of that oil there by saving thousands of dollars plus the peace of mind in knowing that you have a cleaner system and clean oil that meets OEM Cleanliness Specs.

ILS follows the industry best practice for adhering to OEM oil system cleanliness specifications. We use auxiliary pumps and jumpers to by-pass integral components of a lubricating system. This process rapidly removes contaminants from your machine’s fluid systems. 

ILS High Velocity Flushing Process Features:

  • ​Requires no downtime on your production
  • Removes particulates, dirt and other debris from your operating systems
  • We provide Filtration of all fluid types

A study concluded that lubrication system cleanliness extended time between repairs by 20-50 times depending on the level of cleanliness.

​- The British Hydromechanics Research Association

Chemical Cleaning with Industrial Lubrication Services is an efficient, cost-effective way to remove corrosion, deposits, residual oils/greases, and other obtrusive contaminants from tainted surfaces.  Our unique process is used for passivation to eliminate fouling, oxidation, process system corrosion, and decontamination of process lines and vessels. ILS uses a unique process that uses acids and passivation agents to remove and clear corrosion and rust from the internal workings of both new and old piping. We initiate this process to prepare metal surfaces prior to the high velocity oil flush service and this step will greatly reduce flushing times on older systems.

ILS streamline process includes:

  • Degreasing of the entire system
  • Acid flushing services
  • System passivation
  • Neutralization

ILS Chemical Cleaning Process Features:     

  • Our process returns the corroded metal in your equipment to a like-new finish
  • We shorten the flushing time on old and corroded system cleaning
  • Our equipment has stainless steel systems and pumps
  • Our Team is Managed by professional project managers for your satisfaction

Our Lubrication services offered

Contract Maintenance
ILS Technicians are MLT Certified and readily available to perform scheduled equipment inspections and work orders. This includes greasing and lubricating equipment; pull, label and distribute samples; oil changes and top offs.

STLE-certified Lubrication Specialists training available. Please contact us for more information or questions regarding training sessions (870) 315-5070.

Vacuum Dehydration eliminates water and gas contamination that can lead to severe damage to hydraulics and bearings. When hydrocarbons become saturated in oil, this can lead to major safety concerns. Industrial Lubrication Services uses the most up to date technologies to safely and efficiently remove these contaminants. Water and gas contamination in equipment can cause severe damage to machine parts like bearings and hydraulics and can cause safety concerns when hydrocarbons are saturated in the oil. ILS will safely and efficiently remove these water and gas contaminants. 

ILS Water and Gas Removal Process Features:

  • Removes Water Contamination (Free, Emulsified, and Dissolved) To Achieve Overall Moisture Content As Low As 20 PPM
  • Process can handle hazardous gases
  • Removes Particulate Contamination Utilizing Beta(c)>1000 Rated Microglass Filter Elements To Achieve ISO Cleanliness Levels Down To 14/12/11 or Lower
  • Removes Entrained Air and Gases                    
  • Can Be Equipped With Special Filter Elements To Remove Varnish and/or Acids
  • Available In A Variety Of Sizes & Flow Rates Ranging From 1 GPM To 100 GPM or Higher       
  • Requires no downtime on your production
  • Avoids costly bleed and feeds
  • We also include emergency response capabilities      

For More Information (870) 315-5070

Oil Filtration Services from Industrial Lubrication Services provides our clients with on-site testing and Oil Filtration Services for all petroleum products. ILS has a proven track record of making that happen, even under the most intense deadline pressure. Let us assist you with managing the details. It is our philosophy at ILS to provide our clients with environmentally conscious, cost savings in today's economy by minimizing waste oil.  Industrial Lubrication Service’s oil filtration process removes contaminants from lubricating fluids through our custom fluid handling equipment designed specifically for our client’s unique application requirements.

ILS Filtration Process Features:

  • We remove Debris, Dirt and particles from wear
  • We filter all types of fluid
  • We have service capacity for both small and large systems
  • We are capable of connecting to running equipment
  • Our services includes on-site fluid analysis
  • Our services meet and/ or exceed OEM industry cleanliness specifications